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Welcome to Firoz Jaya SilkHouse & Textile Palace,

We are constantly sourcing lace and other  materials from around the world to be used in the making of wedding dresses.

We have exclusive wedding bridal laces and fabrics for stylish wedding gowns, wedding bridesmaid dresses and wedding bridal veils.

We have constantly New Arrivals for
Classy Shirting & Suiting Line Fabrics,     
Wedding Laces,            Printed & Plain Silks,
100% Pure Silk Scarves                       Batik Trengganu            Extraordinary Songkets
Single & 2 Toned Chiffon's,                   Hand Loom Songkets        Exclusive Velvets,          
Washables Silk Fabrics,                        Bridal Satins                   & Much More..........